On The Issues


Strengthening Education

Mississippi students deserve the quality education that’s needed to access the economic ladder and achieve their God-given potential.


Bringing Jobs to Mississippi

Bricklee knows what it takes to bring more jobs to Mississippi. As Director of the Mississippi Horse Park, she was recognized as an economic development leader. As County Supervisor, Bricklee fought to improve our infrastructure and expand rural broadband.

Fiscal Responsibility

Prioritizing Fiscal Responsibility

As a strong conservative Bricklee understands that if we are to keep Mississippi on a path to a healthier economy, we must embrace fiscal responsibility and ensure all levels of government are genuinely accountable to you, the taxpayers.

Gun Rights

Defending Constitutional Values

Bricklee believes liberty is at the root of who we are as Americans. She is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment Rights and a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Pro-Life Policies

Protecting the Unborn

Bricklee believes every life has value and she is 100% pro-life.


Improving Healthcare

More competition and transparency will help hard working Mississippians shop for the best quality and prices among healthcare providers. Bricklee will also work to ensure rural hospitals get the resources needed to best serve patients during this global pandemic.